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A Conscious Rap Artist

Cold Charlie, is an up-and-coming rapper based out of Canada. His progressive, unique style of conscious rap can be traced back to his upbringing in Montreal. Influenced by the rise of gangster rap in the 80’s by influential artists such as NWA, Ice T and Public Enemy; Cold Charlie picked up rapping as a platform to disseminate his perceptions of the world we live in to make a difference in the eyes of his fans. With decades of musical experience under his belt, which he plans to amalgamate in his first cohesive album’, set to release this february. A 10 track art form - this album sets out to shake the barriers of rap as we know it by providing a fresh perspective of world truths.


Singe my back, while I twist and turn Struggling for a better burn
Hold me down and leave me ablaze To a cinder I won't regenerate
Spit in my face, while I’m nailed to the floor Not like a cross but as a pole
Never ceasing desires drilling to the core Through the bones. Fishing for gore.
Never had, much to learn Could not even assimilate

Only left, with a taste, a yearn A bitter breast of knowing more
And becoming less i needed to see
The shiny night, the perfect day Bullying for a new way
A narrow path. Leave me beneath angel tears
Above demons breath Let them explore and exploit my fears
Trembling and shaking my dreams. Barn fire burning burning so bright

I cannot see the fire burn blue
Fill my hopes, light the night So I won't miss the days
So I won't incest the way do i make a bit of sense
am i slipping out of women sense i made a nice prison for myself
just like Pablo Escobar just to keep you out of my tie-dye sky
do you river my bleed or do you have an iron deficiency

I needed more colors to describe my feelings
so i dug in your heart and found nothing but white noise
perfection is a question of taste, your hair they burn my face
give me a needle to tattoo the pain dim the night so the light can read the sound
cos death echoes in the sand through the silicone in my patronizing hand.

love is cozy like a rectangle
or a pyramid depends of the size depends of the cries
depends of the ego when your flying solo
liberty is a bell the size of a female
poor me ginger-ale while i put it up for sale
I'm hungry for sweets some M&M
white chocolate on the inside the shade that matters the most

i like the red ones dipped in blood let me bungee jump
with the umbilical cord around my stressed neck
i want a coffin birth with you lets fake life
so the bear won't kill. life matters more then the thrills
of grave collecting on top of a hill
got less years to live then the one lived
denial anger bargaining depression acceptance

do you mind stretching my time while i get socially raped
paying more then i earn. lie lie lie
so we can all cry cry cry. its a desert of land
where people are sand but cold as glass
you can see right through the handcuffs
let me cough dirt while i curse earth and watch you squirt

powerless to your success anger in excess
I feel torn asunder please kill me with a smile
while i sow my veins rubbing on to your lies
faking death just to see you cry sorry if i feel so low
i haven't seen the sun for some time now I'm allergic lethargic
it is shining bright but my inside feels flat dark

life is a black hole joy won't escape my grave
like your tongue, the salt of this earth taste bitter sweet
life is a bitch with an itch and I'm flicking the switch
on and off till you turn zombie on me
I'll watch you choke on your lack of guts
as you digest your nightmares I choke action in my direction

cos poverty steals all my precious time all the time
we’re on opposite side of a peace treaty
cos peace is tearing us to pieces
while freedom is making us slave to death accelerated
you are foot stepping my anger in spade mistaking my inaction for a reaction
am i to fast or are you just obtuse above excess

why does the end feels like the beginning
while the beginning feels like pang and distress
like a bitch giving birth to silence in a hail storm
rage is raging in the land of the brave slave
irreversible shame and none to blame but a name inflame
sit let's watch the world burn from the balcony of me

Cold Charlie
Cold Charlie

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Cold Charlie
Cold Charlie

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please kill me with a smile while i sow my veins rubbing on to your lies faking death just to see you cry

A Creative Presence

I needed more colours to describe my feelings
so i dug in your heart and found nothing but white noise.

Cold Charlie


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