A Creative Presence

Cold Charlie is an up-and-coming rapper based out of Montreal, Canada. Born in Haiti, he moved to Canada when he was young and was raised in Montreal. Upon starting school in Montreal, he soon realized the educational system didn’t provide the knowledge and experience he required to succeed on his own terms. Disdain for school drove him to pursue other passions, namely motorcycles, snowboarding, tae kwon do, and most importantly, music.

It was this passion for music that sparked a flame to the point that he realized he wanted to devote his life to it. He started his musical journey when he began playing the electric guitar at the age of 16. His preferred style of music was heavy metal, but he also liked to explore other genres as well. His dynamic sonic range allowed him to quickly understand different styles of music, and gain a strong hold of the fundamentals of song writing.

Although a heavy metal enthusiast, the turning point in his musical career came with his decision to rap. This decision would define him as a person, as it gave him a platform to convey his thoughts, ideals, and messages to the world. This interest in rap music was sparked by the rise of gangster rap in the 1980’s. Watching icons like NWA, Ice T, and Public Enemy share their stories of police brutality and institutionalized racism on a world stage by making great music that resonated with their audience piqued Karlo’s interest. The groove and rhythm of the songs coupled with the humor and meaning in their lyrics struck a chord. His musical acumen developed as a guitar player combined with his love of hip-hop music ultimately intertwined to become the rapper, writer, and producer - Cold Charlie.

Cold Charlie first album is set to debut early 2017. It has been in the making since August 2015 - with Cold Charlie writing, composing and producing all 10 tracks on it. The style of music is conscious rap. With this release, he hopes to make a difference in the eyes of his fans by conveying the message that “truth is often hidden in life.” Cold Charlie’s goal is to uncover that truth and display it for the world to see.