Cold Charlie would like to thanks these people who contributed to this CD directly or from a far.

Julie Turgeon, Donald Fleurent, Rafaelle Lafrance, Matthieu Serannes, Erich Necrowphiliac Holland

Aline viens and Pascal Chaumont from productionschaumont.com.

Isabelle Michaud of http://isabellemichaudphotographe.com/

musitechnic.com , Michael Correa,
Jonathan Doyon http://www.eekkoo.co
Dan Smith http://www.studioopenhouse.com
Sonny Black https://www.sonnyblackproductions.com/
Pierre De Gagné, Iain Booth, Gabriel Boucher, Christian St-Germain, Rufat Aliev, Karim Blondy, Philippe Genier, Bernard Epaud, Frederic Lanteigne, Luc Lafontaine, Alexandre Le Mouël, Francisco Rendiles, Sara Kande, Karen Richter, Laure Adragna, Francis Trepanier, Nick Montreuil Spencer, Martin Savary, Dave medam.
Daniel Lepage and Jacques Roy at www.studiosopus.com

Leah Mc Henry www.savvymusicianacademy.com

Cold Charlie Raper, Lyricist,
Producer, arrangement, beat maker, composer, Mixing

Rafaelle Lafrance vocals

Sonny Black Producer, Mixing and mastering